Career Consult Kenya

Accelerating Your Career Success

Welcome to the home of Careerconsult Kenya, where passion is transformed into careers and careers are transformed into passion. “Careers need to be more than just jobs but purposeful professions that reflect our passions.” At Careerconsult we offer professional career coaching services to support your career development and advancement. We are keen to help you to not only discover your career but also to craft your career path and plot your career development graph. We achieve this through the use of various coaching models and the core coaching competencies. We will serve as your accountability partners as you progress through the milestones.

Our coaching services mainly target young professionals and graduates. We offer group and individualized coaching services based on group and individuals needs. At Careerconsult we will help you; extract and validate your professional worth, explore your skills, goals, values and opportunities in your industry and see how these relate to your current or desired career. We are dedicated to our clients experiencing career success and we believe in the Whole Person Theory whereby you cannot entirely separate individuals’ careers and lives. We value personal and professional development, as a means to help our clients experience extraordinary careers which translate to extraordinary lives.